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One of my friends ,with 50 years experience playing trumpet. He successfully manufactured "ABS Plastic trumpet" in which metal is replaced by plastic without any degradation of performance. His manufacturing consists of casting ABS plastic parts and then manually gluing them together.
was granted two patents by the Chinese National Patent Office:
1. "A design for a piston valve for brass instrument" (Patent No. 2014101261066).
2. "A design for a plastic trumpet" (Patent No. 2014101259032).

The "ABS Plastic trumpet" achieves the same sound quality of metal trumpets with these additional features:
1. Sound intonation for the performance level, very clear and mellow timbre and the same stable intonation of brass trumpets.
2. Easier to play and smoother legato, even for beginners.
3. Unlike brass trumpets, the plastic trumpets are stainless, colorfast, non-corroding, non-oxidizing, acid-resistant, impact resistant, and moisture-proof.
4. Environmental friendliness: made from renewable material and aging-resistant.
5. Comfortable feel and only half the weight of a brass trumpet.
6. Easy to clean, dismantle, and reassemble; convenient to maintain.
7. Customizable on color, glossiness and texture.

The "ABS Plastic Trumpet" demonstrates the advantages of plastic in brass instruments and can change the general perception of brass instruments. It is the first plastic trumpet ever manufactured for use in performances. It is at the forefront of a revolution in the manufacture of instruments traditionally made of brass.



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