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Making Pocess

agraffe and inverted string axis
19 layers of high-quality maple production Equipped with agraffe and inverted string axis so that the Intonation more stable and reliable.

BACK Frame
Exquisite design of the back frame with white lauan to structure more stable.

Every piano tuning
very important step in the production process of piano ,Everypiano is the turing repeatedly by tuner. Professional tuners strict checks to ensure that each of the piano has standards of the pitch before factory.

Keyboard manufacture of a more stable and less cracking, deformation of Multilayer plate , weight and intensity standard of the appropriate . White keys made of imported high Pine ,black keys produced by special technology so that the sense of touch keys particularly comfortable.

Machine-stringMachine-string material selected European imports of European quality wood, Shanghai's needles and felt, and in strict accordance with the standards of the German production process, so that sensitivity, weatherability, and more perfect continuity playing , and ensure players play fast and sensitively.
piano string
Optional steel wire of Japan SUZUKI brand and Germany ROSLAU brand . Ensure that the piano sound, volume and strings durability.
Plate applied Monolithic vacuum casting process, forming the standard size plate , nature stability, undeformed, high-intensity, anti high-tension and further enhance the stability of the Intonation
Soundboard selection of good quality Spruce-board material ,which equality annual ring , thin and straight, to ensure its flexibility and resonance, to ensure that the good transmission of voice.

Upright Piano in the general weight of 200 to 240 kilograms, and horizontal Piano generally 290 to 490 kilograms.

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